By getting a marriage certificate template you are given the opportunity to have an unofficial ‘extra’ marriage certificate. A certificate you can easily share with your friends and family, print and mount to the wall, use as decoration to remind you and your spouse of your wedding day, in special celebrations, or just simply store in a drawer somewhere in your house.

You can opt for the certificate that suits you the best among a vast variety of formats.

It could very well be something that matches your home decoration, or just the one that tags the most in your heartstrings, but you are also given the possibility to customize a certificate to something that would be special for you and your spouse.

Always keep in mind that a designed marriage certificate template is a fancy way to display your marriage, they can’t be used for any legal purposes and cannot in any way replace an original marriage certificate.


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In order to achieve your goal as a teacher, you need to make a perfect lesson plan. It will not only ensure you are prepared for your class but also ensure your class runs smoothly. It is essential you break it down into small pieces in a step by step manner. When it comes to preschool lesson plans you have to do it in two essential segments the big picture and the small picture. When I say big plan I basically mean a cohesive plan that lasts the entire year while small picture is the lessons within the big picture. Below is a step by step plan to making a perfect preschool lesson plan, starting with the big picture.

The Big Picture Lesson Plan

Step 1. Know your students’ skills

Before you can fully plan for your lessons, you need to know what exactly your student’s capabilities are. These include a wide number of things like communication skills, language awareness, motor skills, emotional and social development, reading capabilities and even verbal skills.

At this point, you should also take into account the number of students you have and what amount of time you have. You will, therefore, be able to know the best way to conduct examinations and assignments.

Step 2. Create the whole year’s calendar

You can easily do this using either a notebook or a simple program known as Posterboard. When you start by inputting start and end dates on the computer program or calendar, you will get an overview picture of how your school year will look at. Ensure that you do the following:

  • Label all the holidays and breaks.
  • Think of what you want to achieve at the end.

Step 3. Ensure each month has a theme and each week has focus areas

Once you pick which theme you want to emphasize on that particular month, you should then come up with a related subcategory of that theme to work on during each week of the month. This will help your lesson plan outline and your kids will easily understand the various topics because they are related.

Step 4. Put down your entire class’s daily schedule

You may be required to end your day either at noon or in the evening depending on your school. You should not the students’ arrival and departure time to ensure you work within the teaching time.

Step 5. Divide the day into different subject areas

You will be able to now focus on individual activities and lessons. It is important to ensure they happen at the same time in order to aid your students to develop a routine. Your students will, therefore, feel confident and secure because they know what happens at different particular times.

Step 6. Ensure these subject areas are about 10-20 minutes

You already know that the attention span of preschool kids is very limited. Do not make a particular subject area to last more than 20 minutes, otherwise, the kids will shut down and not understand anything.

Step 7 Start filling in the particular lessons and activities

As I said earlier you should pick a theme, so ensure your lessons and activities fall within the broader theme for that particular month.

The small picture

Step 1. Identify the objective

What exactly do you want your kids to be able to do or know by the end of your lesson? Your objective does not have to be intellectually based, it can be skilled based.

Step 2. Put into consideration your students’ interests

You should consider what your students love and want to learn. This will help you to easily interact with them and you could also refer to them when citing things like examples.

Step 3. Choose the approach you want to take

According to various factors like your objectives and students’ interests, you should be able to choose the right approach to teach them. These approaches include the following:

  • Painting or drawing
  • Activities
  • Books
  • Songs
  • Writing

Step 4. Gather your materials

There are different materials you are going to require like crayons, pencils, books, paper and other items. Plan enough for your entire class plus a few extras, in case of accidents or mistakes.

Step 5. Implementing the lesson

Make sure you can teach everything within the lesson plan and you may need to go off script from time to time, especially when citing examples. This will really help your students understand better.


Always ensure you make your classroom as fun and interesting as possible. Preschool students are not capable of understanding properly without a little bit of fun from time to time.

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When a child learns to read, that little one’s accomplishment should be celebrated in a special way and by all who care about him or her. Those who are involved in the child’s life should find a special way to honor what they have learned and the way that they have advanced, and printable award certificates can help with that. When an adult accomplishes something that they never thought that they would do, such as losing weight that they were needing to lose, what that adult has done should be celebrated. You will find that printable award certificates work out in a variety of circumstances, and that they can help you as you celebrate the big and small things that are accomplished by those who are a part of your life. You can use such certificates to make a difference by showing others that you care and that you are happy for all that they have done.

When you are looking to honor someone at school, you will find that printable award certificates can help with that, allowing you to let the student know just how special they are. You will find that printable award certificates can help you to honor employees and let them know just how much you appreciate what they have done and just how proud of them you are. There are a variety of situations in which you will find that printable award certificates come in handy, and you can celebrate accomplishments in a simple and easy way through the help of such certificates.

As someone who would like to celebrate all that happens in life, you will find printable award certificates to be easy to use and a great way of doing that. You will find that printable award certificate template allow you to surprise those who have accomplished great things.

Source: https://www.wordlayouts.com/award-certificate-templates/

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When you run a business, you would like to have a way of drawing in as many customers as possible and you want to have a way of bringing back those customers who once visited your business. You will find that there are a variety of marketing options available to you in regard to getting more business, and one of the options that you might consider choosing is the option to handle out discount cards. You can create cards that let your customers receive a discount on their purchases, and you can use those cards to draw customers in. A gift certificate template can help you as you seek to draw in new customers and bring back old ones.

When you are looking to offer a discount to your customers, you will find that a discount card template can help with that. You can quickly create a discount card that can be handed out to your customers through the help that such a template offers. You can use a discount card template to create a fully customized discount card that will be put to use in your business. You will find that you can change things up to fit your needs, and you will find that the discount card template allows you to create something that is special. If you are looking to bring customers in and draw back those who have bought from you before, a discount card can help.

As you seek to get all of the business that you would like to get, you will find that a discount card template is just the tool that you need in that regard. You will find that using a discount card template can help you to attract attention that you would not otherwise attract. Create a professional discount card with help from a discount card template.

Discount Card Template


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Designing your own business letterhead is one way to advertise to customers or clients. After all, consider how many letters your business can send out in just a single month. If all of them are personalized with your company name and logo, that’s one more way clients will have to remember who you are.

It doesn’t have to be that difficult, either. The internet has made it an easy, cost-effective process to design your own letterhead. There are two methods for doing this.

Use a ready-made design

First and most easy method is to use a letterhead template. A template is a document that you can download which already has some of the details, art or graphics you need in place. You personalize it by inserting your own information in designated areas, and removing any information you don’t need. There are several business letterhead templates that you can download free, simply by searching for them in your browser. Most of them have stylized business art in the margins.

You will need supported software to use them, which may only be whatever type of word document you normally use in your computer. You will also want to print them out on a color printer for the best effect possible.

Use Microsoft® Word

If you have an artistic talent, and you know how to use Microsoft® Word, you can design your own unique letterhead template using the tools Microsoft® Word gives you. The advantage of using Microsoft Word instead of a template is that you can design your own business graphics instead of using a standard graphic provided to you. There are several excellent tutorials you can find on YouTube which not only explain how to use the Microsoft tools to do this, but also give you helpful visuals. You can follow along step by step with the tutorials as you create your own business document.

Most of these require the use of Microsoft® Word 2010 or 2013, so if you don’t have one of these versions, you will need to download it into your computer before you begin.

No matter how small or large your business, creating your own personalized letterhead is a fantastic way to reach out to clients. With the tools you already have in your own computer, you can design your own letterhead, save it, and make as many copies as you need.

Watch this tutorial on how to create letterheads in Microsoft Word

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Babies are lovable, but they can be expensive. A baby budget template for first year can help keep track of your spending. This birth plan template is also a great reference for when you have another baby. You can estimate the cost of the first year.

 Baby Budget Sheet,

First Year Baby Budget Template

© www.birthplantemplates.net/

Download Source: http://www.birthplantemplates.net/baby-budget-template-for-first-year-excel/

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The devil is always in the details. This is why it is important that all correspondence to clients, vendors and suppliers is clear at all times. Formats and suggestions on how to communicate with external parties are usually readily available, but interoffice memo formats may not be as popular.

An interoffice memo format is very useful in keeping track of communications. A format that easily identifies who the sender and the intended recipients are allows for fewer misunderstandings and easier follow-through in actionable items. By keeping all interoffice memos on the same format, it also serves as a visual reminder of what kind of correspondence it is and the urgency of the matter.

Interoffice Memo Template,

Interoffice Memo Format

© www.memotemplate.net

Download Source: http://www.memotemplate.net/interoffice-memo-pro-template/

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When you are working on a film and trying to figure out just how you are going to pay for things you will find that the Small Film Budget Format helps you with that. Through the help that the Small Film Budget Format offers you will be able to know ahead of time just how much money you have to spend in each area in regard to the film production. You may have a small budget, but you will feel freedom in your spending when you have that budget figured out and you know just what you can afford to spend.

Film Budget Template,

Film Budget Format

Download Source: http://www.budgettemplate.net/small-film-budget-template/

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Cars are expensive to own and operate. The auto expense report template can help a person keep track of all the work that they have done to their car. The auto expense report template can be downloaded on the internet and customized.

A person can fill in the type of work that they had done to their car. They can also fill in the amount of money that it costs to have this work done. The template can be used to keep track of what was repaired on the car.

It also makes a good record if a person has to turn thing into an insurance company. Every time a new repair was done a person can add this new expense to the report. The report also has an auto sum feature where the sheet can total up the cost for the repairs and help a person keep track of their expenses. by Word Templates Online

Auto Expense Report,

Auto Expanse Report Template for Tax

© www.wordtemplatesonline.net



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As a business, you need to have a way to track the payments that are made to your company. You need to have a way to create a slip that will be given to the one who has made the payment.

The Payment Receipt Template – Easy Receipt Making can help you get things done. Through the help of the Payment Receipt Template – Easy Receipt Making, you can track the payments that are made, and you can let the one who has made the payment receive a slip that lets them know just what they have done.

You need to keep your business organized, and you need to keep your customers’ lives more organized, and the Payment Receipt Template – Easy Receipt Making can help you do both those things. Through the help of this template, you can create a receipt that contains all of the information that is relevant to the payment that has been made.

Payment Receipt Template,

© www.printabledocs.net

© www.printabledocs.net


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