Designing your own business letterhead is one way to advertise to customers or clients. After all, consider how many letters your business can send out in just a single month. If all of them are personalized with your company name and logo, that’s one more way clients will have to remember who you are.

It doesn’t have to be that difficult, either. The internet has made it an easy, cost-effective process to design your own letterhead. There are two methods for doing this.

Use a ready-made design

First and most easy method is to use a letterhead template. A template is a document that you can download which already has some of the details, art or graphics you need in place. You personalize it by inserting your own information in designated areas, and removing any information you don’t need. There are several business letterhead templates that you can download free, simply by searching for them in your browser. Most of them have stylized business art in the margins.

You will need supported software to use them, which may only be whatever type of word document you normally use in your computer. You will also want to print them out on a color printer for the best effect possible.

Use Microsoft® Word

If you have an artistic talent, and you know how to use Microsoft® Word, you can design your own unique letterhead template using the tools Microsoft® Word gives you. The advantage of using Microsoft Word instead of a template is that you can design your own business graphics instead of using a standard graphic provided to you. There are several excellent tutorials you can find on YouTube which not only explain how to use the Microsoft tools to do this, but also give you helpful visuals. You can follow along step by step with the tutorials as you create your own business document.

Most of these require the use of Microsoft® Word 2010 or 2013, so if you don’t have one of these versions, you will need to download it into your computer before you begin.

No matter how small or large your business, creating your own personalized letterhead is a fantastic way to reach out to clients. With the tools you already have in your own computer, you can design your own letterhead, save it, and make as many copies as you need.

Watch this tutorial on how to create letterheads in Microsoft Word

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