One of the most common reasons for obtaining a receipt includes obtaining a documented record of the payment transaction, better known as proof of purchase. These documents are also used for disputes that may arise between businesses or individuals. When an individual or a company presents their receipt, they can also prove ownership, especially in cases where someone is challenging the customer’s ownership of the item.

As a standard procedure in all business dealings, when a customer purchases anything, the establishment must give them a receipt that reflects the activity. Whether the customer is in a retail clothing establishment, grocery stores, gas station, utility company, medical facility or the like, this is a standard that must be adhered to when payment is being made. Though a customer may not choose to walk away without it, it must be presented when the transaction is complete.

Sales Receipts

A sales receipt should reflect specific information. All of which will provide both the customer and the business with relevant information. The information that’s normally included on these receipts includes the date of purchase, time, name of establishment, price of item, taxes, subtotal and a final payment amount.

Sales Receipt Template

Donation Receipts

Donation receipts will also reflect many different types of info that’s related to the transaction. These receipts are normally used as support for the end of year taxes. Therefore, they must also have specific information entailed on these receipts and they must adhere to law of the land. There are two types available and they are official and unofficial.

Donation Receipt Template

Petty Cash Receipts

Administrators in a diversity of organizations are responsible for keeping track of petty cash. Having ready cash available is needed for many different things, but it must be tracked accurately if the book keeping books are going to show where the money is being spent. The information on these receipts will normally provide the date of the transaction, vendor, expense account that it should be charged to, the amount paid and the approval signatures.

Cash Receipt Template

Service Receipts

In addition to providing receipts for products purchased, some companies will also provide numerous services to make money. A receipt of these services must also document in a specific format so that the business and the customer will have a record of the services performed (i.e. date, company name, customer and etc.).

Service Receipt Template

Choosing the right receipt is essential to running a smooth business operation. Whether the financial transaction is for profit or on a volunteer basis, a receipt will help to track where the money is being spent. Therefore, when any organization chooses a specific type of receipt for their payments or donations, it is imperative that they use the appropriate format. This can be accomplished by using receipt templates. The best receipt templates on the market can help individuals and organizations with reducing the cost substantially since a recent has to be provided for every transaction. Additionally, from choosing a professional design for a specific type of business to printing them from the family’s printer, there is a wide diversity of things that can be done with a receipt template.

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