Education is the basic need of our life. It is good to acquire knowledge of every type. We send our off springs to schools to acquire the best knowledge. Teachers are the remarkable figures that infuse new kinds of education in students. Their prodigious efforts cannot be denied. They apply different techniques in order to make their teaching strategy more effective. Lesson planning is a unique and useful way of teaching the students.

Student’s mentality is difficult to understand for the teachers because there are intelligent, average and dull students in a class. Lesson plan is the best way to communicate with every type of student. Teachers should introduce new mrthods to teach students for that every type of student could learn the lesson. Lesson plan has basic steps such as; defining topic, its objective, methodology, how students should be assessed and conclusion.

Here we are going to explain the valid method to plan a lesson.

  • Firstly discuss the topic or title of the lesson by giving suitable examples. Topic is the main thing that covers the whole lesson, its purpose, meaning and value.
  • Objective is the basic theme of the lesson and it is essential to describe it. Objective is the sole of lesson and defines it in simple wording because students’ compatibility does not match with each other and some of the find difficult to understand the main idea.
  • Methodology is the method to infuse teaching skills and learning material into student’s mind. Highlight the main points and repeat them again and again. Put emphasis on the objective to make it more understandable.
  • Teachers should ask questions from the students about the lesson in order to analyze their interest in topic. There are some students who have many queries in their mind and teachers should solve these queries by asking questions.
  • At last conclude the lesson in simple, precise and easy way. The conclusion is a short gist of the topic and usually helps the students to have a look on the lesson in an appropriate way.

Hope that Lesson Plan Template will serve teachers to be a good lesson plan strategy. Note these important points and apply to your teaching skills.

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