Booklet templateCreating an informational booklet is become much easier as one can make it at home or office. If you have to create informational booklet for church group, class project or for the advertising your product or services you can make it easily. You just have to write and print it. MS Word is used more commonly to make informational booklets.
The main points to make informational booklets are:

  • Do search on your subject or topic.
  • Make an outline of booklet
  • Use MS Word to adjust the settings
  • Take print out of content in the form of booklet
  • Bind it.


Follow the instructions given below to make perfect informational booklet.

Search information:

In booklet you have to stick on topic. Search the information about that topic and list the reference from where you collect information.

Create outline:

Make rough outline of the information that you will put in booklet. Arrange information in that order which you want in your booklet. While creating the outline write all the points about you will write information in booklet. Remember, not write paragraphs in outline only use quotes. In this way fact can be checked if needed.

Open new document:

Click on icon present on desktop and open blank Word document. Then click on “File”, “Page Setup” and in the last “Margin” tab.

Book fold:

From the section of “Multiple Pages” select “book fold”. So the document will set in landscape orientation that is not set before.

Adjust margins:

You can adjust the margins .Type the amount of space in boxes for “inside” and “outside”. With the help of “Gutter” box more space along vertically down the middle of pages can be adjusted. Just change the number in “Gutter” box.

Adjust pages of booklets:

Go in the section of “sheets per booklet” and enter the number of pages you think that your booklet will contain. Pages can be added or deleted if needed later.

Formatting the text:

Write information in the form of paragraphs from your outline you designed before. Format your text. Add images and pictures to the booklet. You can choose special features to add attractive effects in your booklet. You can visit booklet template of savewordtemplates.net or booklet template from pinwordtemplates.com for batter understanding of format and text.

Print your document:

Press Office button at the upper left hand corner. Click “print” and take out print of your booklet. Arrange pages and staple together.

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