Marriage is the most beautiful bonding and relation between two lovers. Many people gather at the event to wish the couple good luck for the new life. Marriage is the legal way to celebrate the happiness of bride and groom publicly. Wedding is known as wedlock and wedlock denotes the security.

Marriage certificate is the license which is issued when two persons are bound in a relation of marriage. Usually this certificate is issued by the government and people can get it from courts. The original copies are given to the couple and also taken in the court as a record after taking their initials. The couple is declared as husband and wife by the court. Their marital status has been changed by the court and government.

The other marriage certificates are quite different than those of government and courts certificates. These marriage certificates are decorative and designed wonderfully. You may go through from these certificates by taking the help of internet. There is a variety of well designed marriage certificates.

You can make your own marriage certificate by using printable marriage certificate template effortlessly. Marriage Certificate Template has specifically designed and created for you. You just have to simply add your name, your husband/wife’s name, date of marriage and all you want to add. Its advantage is that you can have your own wonderfully designed marriage certificate and you can use it as the marriage anniversary gift by sending it to your partner.

Marriage Certificate Templates

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