Birthday Invitations

Birthday is an auspicious day in everyone’s life. It comes after a year and mostly people celebrate it according to their traditions. The parties are organized. The birthday guy invites relatives, friends and colleagues.

Importance of celebrating birthday

Birthday event is celebrated in various countries differently. In some religions and countries it is not celebrated. But mostly it is celebrated with zeal. As the day of birth comes the age increases a year ahead. This day is different from others. It is no doubt a special day for the person and he wants to celebrate it with all the close people around him. The importance of this celebration is to invite people and send them invitation cards. Invitation cards are the best way to honor a person whom you want to invite.

Significant Factor

  • There are significant factors which have importance to celebrate this mesmerizing day.
  • They are Cake, Balloons, Lanterns, Candles, and Conformist etc.

Birthday Invitation Cards

Here we have made auspicious, colorful and beautiful looking invitation cards for you. They are unique in designs and you can send them to your loved ones. You can choose them according to the age and invite people on that very special day. To sending invitation for your event is a sign to give an honor and make them special. There are most common wordings on it like To, From, Regards, Location etc… Fill out all these requirements and send it to anywhere you want to send.

01: Birthday Invitation Template


02: Birthday Invitation Template


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Payment voucher means a receipt that declares a financial deal between two parties. Simply you might say it a guarantee card about the payment which has been paid. No doubt everyone is conscious about payment issues. It is a sensitive issue. There always needs an assurance of money transaction. When you deal with a party you want to assure or be assured about the payment and many ambiguities come in mind whether the actual payment has been given to the right person or not. To solve this ambiguity there is a solution in the form of payment voucher.

Common Uses.

  • Payment voucher has been used instead of paper money. You might call it an invoice, debit card or credit card.
  • Two parties or more than two can use it as an evidence proof.
  • Usually it is believed that the payment issues are hard to made and solved
  • For this an authentic evidence proof is always needed. Payment voucher clarifies all the vague and ambiguous illusions.
  • Somehow it is also called a record that gives surety about transaction.

Importance of Payment Voucher

Payment voucher has become popular now days. Its importance is no more hidden to anyone. Every financial deal could be settled easily by using it. Normal payment deals can be done but not high or big amount.
Payment voucher template has been vividly created in order to give a basic comfort at some extent.

How it is Created?

Apparently there are various kinds of payment voucher templates. You can select a designed one or simple it’s totally up to you.
All the basic requirements are there for you to be filled out.

On the free payment voucher template there are basic requirements inscribed such as Payees name, Receivers name, Date, Vouchers serial number, Total amount, Payees initial, Receivers initial. By using this payment voucher template you can create a healthy and good amount transaction between a client and administrator. This voucher shows the total amount and also displays the cash.
This payment voucher template will certainly assure you and prove good evidence. Try this template and make a healthy transaction in your payment deals.

Excel Payment Voucher Template


Word Payment Voucher Template


Payment Voucher Template in Microsoft Word,

payment voucher template by Dotxes

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Payment Voucher Sample,

payment voucher template sample by dotxes

© dotxes.com

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As the name itself denotes its meaning that a report related to some ongoing project. The report must be created in easy and simple way. These types of reports should not be completion and confusing. You need not to put your energy in making difficult reports while you can effortlessly make it easy and good.

Purpose of Making a report

In a company there are lot employees who are associated to that company. Different duties are assigned to them. It is necessary to keep record of those workers. For this purpose a report is made to examine the performance of the workers. This report carries all the data belongs to the employee ongoing duties and working such as date of issue some project and completion period etc.

Basic Points to make a good report

There we are going to discuss some essential points in order to give a compact result.

  • The basic purpose of this report is to discuss important traits regarding to ongoing projects. In first step highlight the status of the work done by the worker in the last week. By adding this you can check the performance of the last week.
  • In next step the other thing is to check the project status of upcoming week. In simple words you can say it the planning of the project in future.
  • By using this report you can also have a look on your recent projects as well.
  • The report does not have any limit that is why you can add milestone projects in it as well. It can also keep the records of achievements and completion of the project.
  • You need to highlight the baseline and importance so that your report could give a compact result.
  • As we know that no work is without flaws and mistakes so there is a column for complaints, issues regarding to work, meeting time, deadlines and also the solutions of these issues.
  • Hope you admire this task and get advantage from it.

Progress Report Template,

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Store inventory is a wonderful genre to keep records about all items of a store. Usually these types of reports are associated with business in the end of year or after 6 months. It keeps the data related to things and items that are collected for the business use. Normally to start an inventory a list is used to prepare and keep the records. This store inventory template has made it much easier.

There is a long list of items and it is necessary to prepare the list according to the items. The most obligatory task is to manage the list and set it according to the items in order to gain good results.

Basically the store inventory has two forms and both have same caliber and significance. The first one is Basic and second is Functional. Report form is an authentic and comprehensive form to keep and manage the records, associated with all the items and things.

There are some essential details related to this report and we are going to share it with you.

  • The report making must be accomplished according to the standard of items and reports. It is necessary to keep extensive care of consciousness according to the inventory form.
  • The formation of store inventory form should be authentic, appropriate and concise. Time is the most important element and enhances the value of report.
  • Store inventory form or template’s basic purpose is to gain the targeted results.
  • Documentation is also the compulsory point to be discussed. Because in stores there are large data entries and all are difficult to manage but this report can calculate gigantic data.
  • Numbering and pricing of the items are essential and included in documentation. They cover the whole data and give an accurate impact to the viewers.
  • All these necessary points enhance the importance of the form and also give an authentic impact.
  • Here is the preview of this store inventory template. Have a look enter data accordingly.
  • Its marking advantage is that you need not to waste time in making and creating. A comprehensive template is in front of you it would serve you best.

Store Inventory List Template,

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