Payment voucher means a receipt that declares a financial deal between two parties. Simply you might say it a guarantee card about the payment which has been paid. No doubt everyone is conscious about payment issues. It is a sensitive issue. There always needs an assurance of money transaction. When you deal with a party you want to assure or be assured about the payment and many ambiguities come in mind whether the actual payment has been given to the right person or not. To solve this ambiguity there is a solution in the form of payment voucher.

Common Uses.

  • Payment voucher has been used instead of paper money. You might call it an invoice, debit card or credit card.
  • Two parties or more than two can use it as an evidence proof.
  • Usually it is believed that the payment issues are hard to made and solved
  • For this an authentic evidence proof is always needed. Payment voucher clarifies all the vague and ambiguous illusions.
  • Somehow it is also called a record that gives surety about transaction.

Importance of Payment Voucher

Payment voucher has become popular now days. Its importance is no more hidden to anyone. Every financial deal could be settled easily by using it. Normal payment deals can be done but not high or big amount.
Payment voucher template has been vividly created in order to give a basic comfort at some extent.

How it is Created?

Apparently there are various kinds of payment voucher templates. You can select a designed one or simple it’s totally up to you.
All the basic requirements are there for you to be filled out.

On the free payment voucher template there are basic requirements inscribed such as Payees name, Receivers name, Date, Vouchers serial number, Total amount, Payees initial, Receivers initial. By using this payment voucher template you can create a healthy and good amount transaction between a client and administrator. This voucher shows the total amount and also displays the cash.
This payment voucher template will certainly assure you and prove good evidence. Try this template and make a healthy transaction in your payment deals.

Excel Payment Voucher Template


Word Payment Voucher Template


Payment Voucher Template in Microsoft Word,

payment voucher template by Dotxes

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Payment Voucher Sample,

payment voucher template sample by dotxes

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