As the name itself denotes its meaning that a report related to some ongoing project. The report must be created in easy and simple way. These types of reports should not be completion and confusing. You need not to put your energy in making difficult reports while you can effortlessly make it easy and good.

Purpose of Making a report

In a company there are lot employees who are associated to that company. Different duties are assigned to them. It is necessary to keep record of those workers. For this purpose a report is made to examine the performance of the workers. This report carries all the data belongs to the employee ongoing duties and working such as date of issue some project and completion period etc.

Basic Points to make a good report

There we are going to discuss some essential points in order to give a compact result.

  • The basic purpose of this report is to discuss important traits regarding to ongoing projects. In first step highlight the status of the work done by the worker in the last week. By adding this you can check the performance of the last week.
  • In next step the other thing is to check the project status of upcoming week. In simple words you can say it the planning of the project in future.
  • By using this report you can also have a look on your recent projects as well.
  • The report does not have any limit that is why you can add milestone projects in it as well. It can also keep the records of achievements and completion of the project.
  • You need to highlight the baseline and importance so that your report could give a compact result.
  • As we know that no work is without flaws and mistakes so there is a column for complaints, issues regarding to work, meeting time, deadlines and also the solutions of these issues.
  • Hope you admire this task and get advantage from it.

Progress Report Template,

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