Wedding is an auspicious event that comes in everyone’s life. It is celebrated in all over the world with different traditions and customs. Bride and bride groom are the main attraction of the event. Relatives, friends, colleagues and many important guests are gathered to celebrate this marvelous event. Many other activities are the crucial part of this event. Host and hostess of the event want to make it memorable day for the couple and the guests as well. They want to serve their guest well. The memorable event of wedding gradually comes to an end step by step. These all steps play significant role to make the event great. This mega event is not all about bride and groom but there are other procedures as well.

Here we are going to discuss all the steps in order to give all the people an idea to arrange the event well.

Wedding Invitation

First of all when the date is fixed, the further step is to arrange and prepare the list of those people whom you want to invite. The wedding cards are sent to all the special relatives, friends and newlywed couples. Invitation denotes the honor that you have for your guests. Invitation cards have all the information regarding venue, date, time, the name of honorable guests and host/hostess along with request to come.

Arrangements and decoration of the venue

Usually people arrange community halls for this mega event. The most important thing is the decoration of the hall and seating arrangement. It has not been difficult anymore because there is a wide range of wedding planners. They manage all according to your desire.

Wedding Refreshment

Refreshment is the vital part of the event. The food should be decided according to the season. Also include beverages, soft drinks, appetizers and soups. the crockery should be best as well.

Cake cutting ceremony

When the two persons are wed locked then there is arranged a cake cutting ceremony. It is usually celebrated almost in every tradition so do not forget it.

Wishes and gifts

All the people who are gathered, they want to wish the new coupe by presenting those gifts. It’s good to have a little bit time for those guests for that they could meet the couple and bless them with wishes.

Wedding Party Entertainment

Music and dance are the main attraction of wedding event. People love to listen suitable music and dance. i t adds pleasure to the party.

Movie making and photography

Every host wants to capture the memorable moments of the auspicious event that is why a team of movie making and photography is invited to shoot this event.

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